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South Pune: The ultimate luxury lifestyle destination

A shift in consumer sentiment towards home ownership has emerged as a key driver for continued property purchases while selectively conceding on other factors like area, location, grade of developer etc.

Pune’s real estate market resilience is also demonstrated through the continued home purchases despite a rise in stamp duty rates of 1% on account of the metro cess. According to recent report by Knight Frank India, 2023 has continued the strong momentum with January 2023 recording property registrations over 12,000 units. Despite consecutive repo rate hikes, implementation of metro cess, and devoid of any government incentive, home purchases continue to remain buoyant in the city. Supportive affordability, strong employment prospects and improving infrastructure are some of the key factors that will keep the home buyers interested in the city.

One of the most affluent neighbourhoods of Pune: South Pune, is consistently getting redefined with the most luxury aspects of living that you can think of. South Pune is getting largely popular for all the infrastructure, amenities, privileges and residencies that are taking over the once unoccupied and unpopular piece of land.

Localities of South Pune such as Undri, Wagholi, Kondhwa, Katraj and areas along the Sinhagad Road and NIBM Road are offering apartments, houses and villa projects with luxury lifestyle amenities, world-class design and are banking on ‘the view’ and space when it comes to premium properties.

What Makes South Pune the First Choice?

Over the years, South Pune has witnessed a growing demand for residential properties. The location not only offers scenic views but also puts you amid a vibrant cosmopolitan community, gives you the benefit of a hassle-free lifestyle with its social infrastructure, and seamlessly connects you with prime destinations in and around the city. These are just a few reasons why personnel from the defence, business community and professionals have preferred South Pune as their abode.

A Curated Collection of the Most Premium Residences in South-Pune

Adjacent to 200 acres of forest and an array of unique amenities, this gold-rated project is an excellent upcoming residential property established in the South Pune area off NIBM including smart apartments. Lavish and spacious 2 BHK homes with balconies adorned with thoughtful & futuristic features inspired by our other spectacular projects like Nyati Elite, Nyati Esteban and Nyati Elan.

A paradigm of distinct luxury, designed to foster modern lifestyles, Nyati projects are the perfect blend of modern architecture in a burgeoning neighbourhood. The very construct of a close-knit lifestyle has been intimately woven into the environment, offering an idyllic escape from the hustle and bustle of city life. Every home is designed to make intelligent use of space. Designed to be smart and appealing, the residences are privy to the legacy of award-winning space planning and are adorned with the world’s best luxury brands, path-breaking technology, along with an exclusive eye-for-details.

The areas of South Pune are also close to tourist destinations which make it a better destination for living. If you are looking to buy a property, in Pune this might be the right time, considering the right offerings and various options available for to choose from.