Financial Manager, Dubai – UAE

“Our experience with Nyati group was very simple and easy as all procedures and handling is very professional. It is above the board with no ambiguity or dark corners lingering in mind. The brand can be considered as one of the trusted names in real estate development especially for NRIs who are looking for safe residential homes in Pune. I would definitely recommend them to our family and friends!”

Sales Director, Dubai – UAE

“Brand Nyati means “Trust” and “Commitment” for me. The team has done what other builders could not even aspire to do. In a short span of a couple of decades and with the first generation itself, Nyati Team has grown leaps and bounds and the best part is that they have taken their customers along in this journey. One of the best parts of the Nyati Team - they never forget you after having sold once. They build the trust slowly and steadily by working hard and do whatever is required to be done to meet your needs.
It was an absolute pleasure to invest with Nyati Group. Transparent and Extremely Fair deals, always! I recommend Nyati Group as a Top Class Partner for your Real Estate needs. Dealing with Mr. Nitin Nyati and Mr. Harish Shroff has always been a wonderful and cherishing experience.”

Business Partner, Sharjah – UAE

“Our experience has been wonderful, right from the initial evaluation of our properties, the amazing kind of service, support, professionalism that Nyati Group has provided us. Nyati Group is experienced and efficient with the in-detail knowledge of their properties and the markets. The entire team is polite, professional and at the top of their game. If anyone thinks that the work of a realtor is done once the property is marketed and sold – then they are misinformed. The real work starts after the sale has been agreed. For us, this is where Nyati Group came in on their own. Their after sales progression management is second to none. They are readily available, whenever we need information as always, in a professional manner, working tirelessly, juggling every aspect of the property, from simply reassuring buyers, to expertly negotiating timescales up and down the chain across the entire period.
We would definitely recommend them. Their excellent services have continued even during the lockdowns, and it was a nice reminder that leadership comes from the top. We know that we would not use anyone else. We are delighted with the service we received from Nyati Group. We think they are differentiating, appealing, well managed, consistent, relevant and credible.
Thank you to the entire team – you are amazing and truly wonderful.”

Structural Design Manager, Dubai – UAE

“Brand Nyati” is synonymous to quality product, trust, farsightedness, great hospitality and off course family. That is why we are proud to call our self-Nyati family member. While finalizing our deal it was smooth sailing with Nyati, whether its fairness in deal, payment rescheduling, regular site updates, prompt reply to our queries and transparency, support.

Consultant Optometrist, UAE

Very Reliable and trustworthy brand in the real estate market. Experience while finalizing the deal was very smooth, had offered multiple options to choose from. Flexible approach in handling customers. Extremely professional.