How to make a kitchen at home clutter-free

A kitchen in the house is one of the busiest space compared to rest of the house. It is that compact room where your everyday nourishment is prepared. If your kitchen is not organised or tidy it can have an adverse effect on your life. Let us see some useful tips to keep your kitchen clutter free.

1. Install hooks: If a kitchen consists of more than one hook it gets easier to manage small items by hanging them than occupying unnecessary space in drawers or cupboards. For instance, hooks can be used to hang scissors, knife, towels by the sink and much more.

2. Buy additional storage: The orderliness in a kitchen largely depends upon the space occupied by the electronic appliances. It is recommended to keep food processor, mixer grinder, hand blender, cutting boards etc. in a closed storage. It doesn’t matter if you need to purchase an additional storage for it, go ahead to experience a clutter-free kitchen.

3. Recognise the sequence: In a personal kitchen, there must be a sequence for using certain items. Organise those items according to the sequence from beginning to end. For instance, keeping pressure cooker behind the vegetable chopper can make you reach for it conveniently.

4. Utilise the space on top: It usually happens that there is a good amount of space left between the ceiling and storage cabinet. Utilise that space to store utensils required occasionally. It can be accessed as required using a small stool or chair.

5. Categorise the grocery: Identify the groceries in categories of cereals, spices, flours, ready-mix packets, ketchup and sauces, etc. and keep them together. It can make your kitchen look organised and cut down the time for searching a required food item. It can also be helpful to cut down on unnecessary items from the subsequent grocery shopping list.


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