Ideas to make your living room more spacious

Learn about the Room Dimensions
Each room has a vertical and horizontal dimension. If the ceiling of your living room is high, use the extra space for decoration. It draws the attention upwards and makes the room look more spacious. If the room is horizontal make use of lots of artwork for a better look and feel.

Use Mirrors
Mirrors can work well for living room and make the space look larger. Placing mirror at a point where light would reflect can make the room feel fresh. One can try large mirrors with candles or bulbs for a better effect at night.

Colour the Room Smartly
Use neutral colour for the entire surface. It expands the space and makes a home look more peaceful. If lighter shades like off-white are used it illuminates the room during daytime.

Use Lightweight Furniture
Using the term lightweight for furniture means, the visual weight. Furniture should be light in size, colour and design to make the living room comfortable. In addition, one can choose small size furniture to make the home look roomier.

One can use these ideas to make their living room look better. Go ahead, what are you waiting for?


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