How to choose the right home

It is essential to decide on a realistic budget for the home. If unaware about the market conditions, keep a 10 to 15 percent buffer on the decided sum. Events like market fluctuation, recession, changes in rules of real estate etc. can influence the real estate rates. It is necessary to know that the budget decides the location of the house. It can be the other way around as well; though expectations in either case should to be realistic. In addition, availability of loan is another important factor for deciding the home. Conform beforehand if the amount decided is within the approval limits of the financial institutes.

It is now time to decide on the house itself as the financial concerns are already fixed. Now think about the specifications of your dream home? How can each member of family i.e. spouse, kid’s, parents, siblings, pets make the most of the personal space. If the terrace garden is the least attended area, can that be neglected? What is the structure of the master bedroom and other rooms in the house? Get answers for these queries before taking the decision. These questions can make the house compatible enough for the next twenty years at least.

In addition, enquire about the amenities offered. It is recommended to opt for those amenities which comfort you at a personal level. Factors like reserved and additional car parking needs to be discussed, may be few more cars would be arriving in near future. More than amenities the locality should be a secured place for the entire family. If this criterion is not meet, keep searching on till you reach the right option.

More than the factors mentioned above the most significant aspect in finalizing the home is intuition. The moment you step inside the apartment it generates a vibe. If the home shows positive intuition shortlist it right away. Discuss your thoughts with friends and family and then take the final decision. It is a personal space having a social presence after all.


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